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About Blue Link Wireless

  • Blue Link Wireless is one of AT&T’s fastest growing Authorized Retailers and we have immediate opportunities for you to join the Blue Link Family
  • Blue Link Wireless would like to offer you the opportunity for employment as an AT&T Authorized Retail Store Leader based on Blue Link’s salary and hourly pay ranges. Where feasible, and if you so request, your current salary or hourly pay as recently communicated on your AT&T Total Rewards statement, along with the store location will be taken into consideration in establishing your Blue Link salary or hourly wage.
  • Blue Link Wireless is offering excellent medical, dental and vision coverage to eligible employees through United Healthcare
  • Plans for continued expansion of Blue Link Wireless within our initial 9 markets and beyond will provide exciting opportunities for advancement as we scale our footprint.
  • We are committed to a culture of serving our employees, customers, and communities. It is not lost on us that the employees are the foundation of our company.
  • We offer uncapped commission, employee mobility discounts, paid training & attractive benefits
  • Three former mobility executives; Dave Fine is President & COO of Blue Link Wireless, Glenn Lurie and Andy Shibley are serving as advisors in our growth strategy.

Blue Link’s Promise
To Our Teammates!

Our Team Members make it possible for us to create the memorable AT&T experience our Guests know and love. Our goal is to be a great place to work where you can grow, learn, and develop both personally and professionally. Achieving this goal requires that we keep the following six Promises to you, our Team Members:

Clarity: Ensuring our employees understand Blue Link’s vision, trajectory, and your role in getting us there.

Preparation: We will build our employees skills and provide the opportunity to practice those skills before being held accountable.

Belonging: We will welcome you, treat you with respect, and respect you as an individual.

Support: We will ensure you have the tools needed to do your best. We will provide an environment where you can give your best, take responsible risks, make mistakes, learn, and have fun.

Development: We will focus on you, your personal and professional development, and help you achieve your personal goals.

Opportunity: We will grow Blue Link responsibly, ensuring there is opportunity for advancement.  We will reward hard work and outstanding achievement.

Our Teammate’s Promise
To Blue Link!

By consistently keeping these Promises to you, we do our part to ensure Blue Link is a great place to work. Achieving Success requires that we can count on you, our Team Members, to keep the following five Promises to Blue Link:

Earn It: Our Team Members will display a strong work ethic, act with integrity and will earn a place on the Team every day.

Own It: Our Team Members will act like an owner and seek out ways we can both be better.  Taking responsibility to solve identified problems in ways consistent with our Core Values and Mission.

Think About It: Our Team Members will use the Core Values and Mission to guide decisions, using your head before your hands, thinking before you speak and act, and playing by the rules.

Work as a Team: Our Team Members will use opportunities to serve others. Offering help before it is needed, asking for help before it is too late, and acting in a way that makes you the go-to member of the Team.

Show Your Pride: Our Team Members will take pride in where you work and what we do and will treat all employees and customers with respect, remembering that the Blue Link brand depends on what you say, and what you do, every day.

Download a PDF Version of Our Promises

image of pdf brochure with information about town hall eventimage of pdf brochure with information about town hall event